Say YES to conflicts!

Exchange of blows, clash of ideas, misunderstanding and arguments are some of the synonymous term of the word conflict that explains only one thing- A state of opposition between persons, ideas, feelings or interests. Conflict is technically a bad thing that we should avoid to have towards the people around us. However, in reality it… Continue reading Say YES to conflicts!

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First of first| Bridesmaid’s Thingy!

When everyone in the circle of your life is getting engaged and getting married, a whole new journey begins as a bridesmaid. And so are we this year! Yeey!!! We absolutely love sharing our first ever experience with you all, and this was a memorable experience for us, so we thought to write a blog… Continue reading First of first| Bridesmaid’s Thingy!

Special Blogs

On Adulting- Struggles & Learnings!

Hi dear adult folks out there, how are you doing? How's life? Are you guys still alive and kicking? HAHAHA... Indeed, that adulting will really hit us and we cannot escape that stage in life. In this blog, we just want to share struggles and learnings that we're experiencing while making our way to adulthood.… Continue reading On Adulting- Struggles & Learnings!