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3 Reasons to Love Street Art!

Street art is enthralling and aesthetically pleasing.Here are the 3 reasons to love it! 1. Story All "street arts" has a story to tell for us. It can be for fun, for art or for political purposes depends on the artist's freedom to express on what they want to emphasize. 2. Add Diverse Vibes It… Continue reading 3 Reasons to Love Street Art!

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The Art of Acceptance and Letting go!

These photos was taken during our quick visit at the National Museum. We are indeed mezmerized with the authenticity and a classic vibe of the place though a little of modern touches are incorporated. We originally planned to shoot for an "ootd post". However, it turned out good photos to use in our special blog/s… Continue reading The Art of Acceptance and Letting go!


Say YES to conflicts!

Exchange of blows, clash of ideas, misunderstanding and arguments are some of the synonymous term of the word conflict that explains only one thing- A state of opposition between persons, ideas, feelings or interests. Conflict is technically a bad thing that we should avoid to have towards the people around us. However, in reality it… Continue reading Say YES to conflicts!