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On Adulting- Struggles & Learnings!

Hi dear adult folks out there, how are you doing? How's life? Are you guys still alive and kicking? HAHAHA... Indeed, that adulting will really hit us and we cannot escape that stage in life. In this blog, we just want to share struggles and learnings that we're experiencing while making our way to adulthood.… Continue reading On Adulting- Struggles & Learnings!

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Hitting the age of being titas of Manila we're getting more minimalist when it comes to our daily outfits. So, as we choose our go to pieces, black is always at the top of the list. And we are happy to share our twinning pairs of black mules that we will surely use in our… Continue reading Macchiato!

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Polillo Madlives-LOOKBOOK!

Better late than never! We went to the so called "Maldives" in Polillo last year and we decided to featured a contrary outfit on the beautiful  greenish-blue sea color that this place has to offer. Hope you'll include our beautiful hometown on your travel bucket list too. Thank you for dropping by! -Jm&Ces- Bucao, Polillo Island… Continue reading Polillo Madlives-LOOKBOOK!