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DSCN0444Dressing is a way of life. Clothes are one of the basic needs that we need in our everyday life, even if when you sleep, you still have clothes to wear. How is it important to feel comfortable with the clothes that you’re going to wear? It’s more on the best clothes to wear. Is it important to follow what’s in right now even if we’re not comfortable wearing of all those stuffs, or  is it better to wear clothes that we’re comfortable with even if it’s not in right now?

Fashion is what you make it, it’s just like life. Most of the time, the set of clothes that we wear are based on the trend, but if you’ are not capable of wearing it still, there are exceptions to this. You don’t need to be in style every time a new trend is in. Being comfortable in the clothes that you are wearing is what really matters. We think you should wear whatever you feel comfortable in and dress the way you want to.

There are lots of different styles around now and maybe it’s okay to wear a printed t-shirt, jeans and flat shoes or even trainers as they have been at the height of fashion for years. Blacks, browns and grays are better in winter and autumn, pastel colors are for spring and bright colors are for summer. It’s simple really. Fashion changes but style endures. (- Coco Channel) Having your own style is more important. Being unique is the best way to be in trend all the time. If you’re feeling comfy in your own style it’s simply called FASHION! As long as you’re comfy, don’t be afraid to be different, don’t be afraid to be unique and lastly don’t be afraid to discover your own identity.

As what Anna Wintour says, “Create your own style……. Let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.”













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