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Chinchy Yet Classy!


Designer clothes cost a lot, so friends, if you are on a tight budget, but you still want to dress classy, here are some of the few things that you should learn. Honestly, you don’t need to have an overloaded bank account or a lot of money just to feel and dress classy, because with a few simple tips, it can be achieved by anyone.

Is it necessary to buy expensive clothes to wear to look classy? That’s a big NO NO!!

Five ways to look for (CCC) Chinchy classy clothes!

1. TIANGGE/ BAZAAR– used to mean “market” where you can buy affordable clothes.

2. SALE– sometimes a best brands of clothes in a lower price.

3. UKAY-UKAY– also known as “Second Hand Clothing” or “Wagwagan”- wherein you will find a pile of run down clothes with a very very low price!!!!! We actually love it! hahaha!

Here’s our Top 5 Ukay- Ukay Spots:


2. STARMALL (Ortigas)

3. ISETAN (Recto)

4. FAIRVIEW (Quezon City along Commonwealth Ave)



4. PRELOVED CLOTHES– clothes that one has no plans of wearing again and has no means to wear most especially from the fashion bloggers. . BE UPDATED with their EVENTS!! Wink…Wink J

5. DIY CLOTHES– literally meaning “do it yourself,” the DIY ethic promotes the idea that anyone is sewing, repairing, or modifying clothing rather than buying new clothes.








Cess’s Look


(Dress from Ukay- Ukay > 50php, Ankle- Cuff Heels GIBI Sale > 500php, Necklace (Divisoria)>100php)

Jm’s Look


(Airism Uniqlo Sleeveless from Ukay – Ukay > 35php, Floral Long Maxi Skirt from Ukay-Ukay > 35php)





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