Travel Diary

Wayfarer Intramuros!


“Travel is where you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”It’s really more fun in the Philippines.

This day marks the first day of our blog photo shoot and we can’t believe we circled and walked the streets and walls of Intramuros for 5 hours straight! 

On this photo we were amazed with the signage of “I ❤ Manila” as one of the favorite spots in taking pictures.

This signage explained how beautiful Manila is. Actually, were not the only one who would like to take a picture on this spot, a lot of people waited for a long time for their turn especially foreigners



We would like to take you back in time, when Intramuros was the Manila of today. Here are some historical places that we visited:



Horse Drawn Carriage parking in front of Fort Santiago.Fort Santiago is a citadel which was first built by Spanish conquistador for the new established Intramuros city of Manila , Philippines. (



Rizal Shrine is a fortified complex which houses the building the Philippines’ national hero spent his last night and where his family later found concealed in an oil lamp, the famous poem Mi último adiós (My Last Farewell). The shrine is home to various memorabilia such as the shells he collected in Dapitan, books, manuscripts and artworks belonging to the prodigious and multifaceted Rizal. Fort Santiago served as barracks for Spanish artillery soldiers during Spain’s colonization of the islands. (

flower picking

Flower Shower……This tree marks the flowers that were spread on the ground. We really found it nice to some shots taken here and feel the beauty of the flowers in our hands. The remarkably lovely part of Intramuros with the white flowers around it in the fall season really captured our hearts to take some wonderful pictures

goodbye manila

Letting go is the hardest part but this one will be not! Adios, Intramuros, but we will surely come back on this beautiful and historical place of ours.

Hail to the place  that housed our National Hero Jose Rizal way back then! INTRAMUROS – Manila.





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