Twinning Outfits

Black and White Bushwhack!


Monochrome will never be out of style. It seems like it is easy to mix and match those colors but still some instances are prohibited. Still, we are dazed and confuse if we will wear black and white colors. If you will wear as simple as you are; you will be look like a waiter. Yet, you will be look like chess board if you will overdress those colors. Let us give you some tips not to look like a waiter and chess board when you wear monochrome.

10 Ways to Wear Black and White Outfits

1.    Toughen up your white dress with all black accessories and outerwear.

2.    Add a hint of neon in shoes.

3.    Match black and white trousers with a white flowy crop top.

4.    Add caps to your outfit to get the sporty look.

5.    Add a hint of pastel to the outfit through your shoes.

6.    Just a hint of color through bracelets would pep up your black and white ensemble.

7.    Add interesting color to your black and white outfit through super chic reflecting sunglasses.

8.    Match the print of your pants with your top. Keep rest of the elements in solid black or white color.

9.    White dress. Black accessories. Easy Peasy!

10. Metallic silver goes very well with black and white clothing and give an overall cool color tone to the outfit.

Polka Dots!!!!







Monochrome Street Style

JM : For me, this  style is the most challenging to wear. This is my first time to try this kind of clothes and this is how it looks like. We just really need to try something new for us to know that this look suits you.

LOOK: (RedGirlwhitepants; croptoppolkadot; polkadotlongsleeves; whitepontedshoes)

CESS: This is one of the styles that I really like to wear and one of my favorites. This boyish chic look shows who I really am.

LOOK: (rippedboyfriendjeans; gibianklecuffheels; forever21blackcroptop)

You have nothing to worry in wearing monochrome. Just show who you really in wearing it and you’ll never be out of style. Remember “fashion fades style is eternal”-Yves Saint Laurent. Also, we will never forget why we do this blog “Fashion is the science of appearances, and it inspires one with the desire to seem rather than to be.” -Edwin Hubbel Chapin




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