Twinny 101: 001 It’s all about BLOGGER shirt!


It’s been a while since we did a matching outfit post and we actually missed doing it! Ces and I love to wear basics and I love how we execute it in different ways. On this blog we wanted to show you just how you can wear a basic t-shirt in many possible moods that you may be in; casual, classy and edgy.

Shirts are one of the basic clothes that are easy to wear. Partnered with shorts pants, skirts or even leggings you can never go wrong with it.


Cess’s Look



TOP: Blogger Black Shirt, BOTTOM: High Waisted Short Jeans, SANDALS: Black Birkenstock

Jm’s Look



TOP: Blogger White Shirt, BOTTOM: Origami Black Skirt, SANDALS: Black Mandals



Cess’s Look


TOP: Blogger Black Shirt, BOTTOM: Black and white layered skater skirt, SHOES: Black Soulmate Flatshoes, ACCESSORIES: Black Satchel Bag

Jm’s Look


TOP: Blogger White Shirt,BOTTOM: Geometric Pencil Skirt,SHOES: Black Mandals,  ACCESSORIES: Black Satchel Bag



Cess’s Look


TOP: Blogger Black Shirt,BOTTOM: Ripped Jeans, SHOES: Black Birkenstock

Jm’s Look


 TOP: Blogger White Shirt,BOTTOM: Ripped Black Pants 
     SHOES: White Birkenstock, ACCESSORIES: PENSHOPPE Black Cap

We are looking forward for more exciting and fashionable outfit to post. I hope you guys like it! Stay tuned for our next “Twinning” 🙂




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