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Blogberry #BeTheBestYouPlanner meet and greet with Laureen Uy!


Hey Everyone!

So here’s a wrap up of our BlogBerry #BeTheBestYouPlanner experience.

It was actually our first time attending meet and greet events for a fashion Blogger and we must say this event was one of our unforgettable event that we ever attended for, it is related to our passion and really shows how fashion and style can inspire other people. Ate Laureen is one of the inspirational fashion bloggers for the all aspiring fashion enthusiast like us #bloggerbesties ^_^.

We are lucky enough to be with her that day. As we remember one of us who’s holding the camera was shocked when she arrived. Ces told me to capture some pictures because I’m just staring at ate Laureen that time. After the short game and a simple talk about the planner the time that we’ve been waiting for has come. It’s the signing time with our own planner. Both of us we’re shaking and don’t know what to say to her face to face. And then, when we introduce ourselves as #bloggerbesties that she has seen in our notes, she was glad to know about it. Even Ces’s outfit that day ate Laureen complimented about it. (Ces’s said that it is more than the compliment of her mom, hahaha) And at the end of the simple talk, she asked us to tag her about our blog. As baby bloggers those words gives us the urge to pursue more and be motivated to do more about blogging.

Ate Laureen Uy is so fun to be with and super cool, what we like about her is that she inspires us to blog and style ourselves more as we take our fashion blogging into the next level. Meeting her is like a dream come true for us because ever since we became a fashion blogger we never thought we could hang out with someone like her.







laureen Uy - pics


Thank you for this message ate Laureen Uy ^_^




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