Travel Diary

TravelBlogDiary: Ilocos Tour I


The excitement begins….
Plans and promises are not meant to be broken if you put your heart and mind to it.
The long wait is over for me and my friends. Since May we planned this Ilocos Trip and it was a blast.
Let’s take a look at this captured moments of our Day 1 escapade.
Lubay Beach Sta.Lucia 
For our first stop we say hi to a very nice sunset in Lubay Beach Sta.Lucia IlocosSur.
The sun set the lens of our camera and it was really a nice shot.
Quirino Bridge Ilocos Sur
As we went along our way going to Marcos Museum we saw the bridge of Quirino that really looks like the bridge in Bridges of Love. The bridge is one of the hot spot because of its calm water and greenish mountain as a background.  The strokes design of it are perfectly done as well.
Bridges of LOve
Marcos Museum and Mauseleum
Laoag, Batac Ilocos Norte!

Crazy friends captured every minute of our stay inside the Museum.

After saying good morning at the Sta.Lucia beach (a place wherein Kuya Robertmet his cousins)and tried to have perfect jump shot at Quirino Bridge we go directly to LAOAG, Batac, Ilocos Norte. My friend Lyn met her relatives that she wasn’t able to see for almost a year. They lived almost 20 steps away to Marcos Museum andMausoleum. She is our tour guide when we enter for free because of her name hahahaha. (Thanks to youmy friend).

Cape Bojeador Lighthouse
Burgos Ilocos, Norte

high voltage




Head up high in the beautiful scenery from the Light House .

Bangui, Windmills
Ilocos, Norte


A gloomy weather ended our last stop in Bangui Windmills in Ilocos, Norte. Those windmills are really cool to see in our eyes.


Cool winds in a gloomy weather at Bangui Windmills.


“We travel not to escape life, but
for life not to escape us.”- Anonymous



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