Twinning Outfits

Twinny 101: 002 Minions Bello: Blue and Yellow!


People have been making and buying minion costumes since Despicable Me 3 came out in cinema last month. Ces and I used to love minions and we got a little too minion crazy over last month until now. Luckily, Ces was having some clothes wherein the colors are minion related and we just couldn’t say no to it!

We couldn’t stop ourselves to mix and match some clothes that patterned with the minions. Blue and Yellow with the touch of black are the main course of this month second feature for Twinny 101.

Love the yellow and blue invasion of Despicable Me 3: Minions B.G. (before GRU) movie.







Cess’s Look

Winey Flouncy


TOP: Tie Front Sleeveless Shirt with Banana Print, BOTTOM: Blue Gored Skirt, SHOES: Yellow Printed Keds

Jm’s Look

Drop Down Low


TOP: Blue Sheer Off-Shoulder Top, BOTTOM: Yellow Harem Pants, SHOES: Ankle-cuff Black Heels





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