Food Diary

8 ounce Café: Black and White at Midnight!


Sometimes you need a mental break and that’s okay. Whether it’s from the people in your life, your daily routine, or whatever path you’re taking towards a goal.

We’ve decided to step away from the office works after our morning to evening shift.  This week or should we say this month is particularly stressful month for us, from dealing with so many classes to dealing with the people around us.



8 ounce Café + Kitchen near in our office is really one of the best easy escapes from all of those “stressful things”. Looking through its big glass windows you will see the warm inviting lights of the café and its clean modern interior. A friendly server adds an equally warm greeting as you walk in, and that’s when you can really appreciate the place. What we liked best about the place – it was not too crowded and you can really have a “me time” hehehe!! We ordered Iced Café Latte and Iced Café Cappuccino for P135 each which turned out to be really good. It was a little bit bitter in taste but it’s definitely tolerable most especially if you paired it with their white chocolate and dark chocolate doughnut which is served it on a chopping board (so cool right??) hahaha…



Since the café just started, they have this Promo: If you post about 8 Oz. and tag them on Instagram, you’ll receive a free cup of brewed coffee on your next visit. They also give out loyalty cards so what are you waiting for follow them @eightounceph”

(So, just like us you can have availed their promo as wellJ)

On the whole, this coffee spot is a great, unexpected find. Discover it sometime ^^


A cup of coffee shared with a friend is happiness tasted and time well spent.




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