Twinning Outfits

Tout Sweet: A Chocolate Inspired Outfit!


This new outfit post is a chocolate inspired theme. We came up with this outfit to show off our sweet tooth and craving for chocolates because we both love it (for real) hahaha! Another thing is to definitely try the two conflicted colors to combine for the whole outfit. Since black and brown is both neutral, they do work well together, but you have to be heedful in pairing them. In most fashion situations, rules are made to be broken. The myth that black and brown can’t be worn together is just that — a total myth.





We do hope that after reading this you have the “Urrgg” for yourself to try it on! Especially if you’re wary of wearing black and brown together, you might be scared to put an outfit together with the two colors, but remember these things- trust your own fashion sense, own your outfit and be confident with it, don’t be afraid to try something new for yourself and believe on us everything will have a perfect sense when it comes to your looks.


Cess’s Look


(Little Black Dress, Brown Safari Vest, Panama Hat, Black Own Tied Gladiator, Black Rounded Messenger Bag)


Jm’s Look


(Brown Sheer Longsleeve Top, Black Leather Skirt, Black Own Tied Gladiator, Black Embossed Clutch Bag)



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