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Anawangin Cove Trip: In Monochrome Madness at the Beach!


Going to the beach is a great time to take a break and kick back and relax! We decided to have an unusual beach outfit vibe when we went to Anawangin Island Cove. We did a contrast clothing combination by wearing black and white outfits on the beach. Let us share with you this awesome shot of black and white with a feminine silhouette vibe. Wearing monochrome gives additional elegance and it’s very easy to wear and can be effortlessly chic.




Two piece is the usual beach outfit that we wear, however, trying something new is better than the usual. We decided to pair some long trousers with the top to make it different. These two pairs of clothes accompanied the gloomy weather and 5 feet high on the waves. The cold weather matches the long trousers, then seamless ruffle edge black and white swimsuit top for the beach style were perfectly seen when we take some shots.


Walking along the beach wearing these two classy colors “black and white” took us to another setting of being one of the chic at the beach.


Black in Idleness

Top: Black Ruffle Edge Swimsuit Top match with Black Swimsuit Cover Up

Bottom: Black Trouser



White Silence!

Top: White Ruffle Edge Swimsuit Top match with White Swimsuit Cover Up

Bottom: White Trousers



In wearing black and white – you can’t be wrong, you’ve got to be right.




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