Travel Diary

Anawangin Trip Day 1: Neon Bright Island Hopping Experience!


If you find yourself vacationing on an Island, then island hopping is definitely an activity you shouldn’t miss. We become an adventurer and explorer on holiday by island hopping around the two nearest Island in Anawangin Cove- Camara and Capones Islands.

Arriving at Camara Island



Camara Island, one of the three islands in the Capones Island group is the closest island from the shores of Pundaquit, in San Antonio, Zambales and just a 20-30 minutes boat ride away. The island has two sides connected by a white sandbar that disappears during the high tide. The islands rugged beauty is highlighted by its white sand shoreline, huge rocks and untamed wilderness.






 Camara Island 


Camara Island is the closest island from the shores of Pundaquit Zambales.The island, like its close neighbor.Capones, is also a big lump of rock with very little soil. Trees aren’t that many but because of the rockformations and angle of the island, it’s not hard to find shade and scenic spots for a great photo shoot.The island has a great view of the open ocean. It has two sides separated by a white sandbar that becomes visible during the lowtide and disappears during the high tide. Big rocks that dwarf the tourists are plenty on this island. It won’t be long till you find yourself taking photos of them or with them and just be astonished by their size and weight.

Arriving at Capones Island


Capones Island, also known as Grand Capon or Capon Grande Island. The island is haracterized by huge rock formations and steep cliffs surrounded by white sand and coral beaches. The Capones Island Lighthouse is located on the hillside near the western end of the island.





Indeed we had fun on this Island hopping experience ^^ till our next travel blog diary guys!




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