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Twinny 101: 005 Dancing Bohemian Raised Waisted Dress!


Is Boho Chic our thing? Hahaha honestly, we just know it, but then again we haven’t really tried it. Ces do really like boho chic style actually she’s craving in putting herself in that style which am I thinking really suits on her because of her body type (skinnier than I though she eat a lot rather than me… whahaha^^)

For us bohemian or most commonly known as boho style is the style that is definitely hard for us to try. We have a million doubts if that style will fit for us or not. But then, we are lusting for trying a lot of things until we discover ourselves. We know that it is not our usual style but the happiness to try something new is really a worth it feeling for us.




We just did a modern approach of bohemian style of this fifth Twinny outfit post about us. We just played with our dresses while doing the shoot showing that bohemian chic style is the epitome of relaxed and cool-comfort outfit and oooppssss!! We noticed that my dress really blend in the rocky background that we used- totally amazing hahaha 🙂 






A bit bohemian!

DRESS: Printed Raised Waist Dress, ACCESORIES: Fedora Hat, FOOTWEAR: Brown Gladiator Sandals



Dolled Up!

DRESS: Printed Raised Waist Dress, ACCESORIES: Black Rounded Satchel Bag,

FOOTWEAR: Black Own Tied Gladiator


After doing this blog we just realized that Bohemian look is not a style that leaves anybody indifferent. In fact, you can have that looks in many different ways or styles. Always remember that discovering your style is not a bad thing until you find out what your style really is. So what are you waiting for??? Try to ride on the Boho trend train hahaha… Thank you for reading ^^

“Style is whatever you want to do, if you can do it with confidence.”-George Clinton




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