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A Thanksgiving Readers: 1K+ and Counting!


We are very happy and thankful for visiting and reading our blog! We received 1000+ views since we created and started this blog in March 2015.

The reason why we created this blog was just really for fun and show our little intelligence when it comes to fashion. We are childhood friend who both teacher by profession and discovered our passion for fashion as we grown…hahaha! We both love to post our Twinning and individual OOTD’s in this blog. Actually we have different styles but we used to have similarities also (craziness!!!) kidding…hahahah! Ces love the edgy chic style and me I love a little to femme style. However, the same thing about us-is we both love to try different styles until we find that it suits on us (adapt…adapt…experimenting!!) that is exactly what we did…hahaha!





We really do believe that in fashion it’s not always about brand but it’s about how you will show your style and your personality. Remember to create your own style and let it be unique for yourself and identifiable for others.




Thanks again for reading our blog! We really appreciate it and it feels good to be noticed. Looking forward to post a lot and more readers! Yeeey. GodBless everyone!




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