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Happy 1st BLOGIVERSARY- Our Fashion Plate!


Happy Friday everyone! We can’t believe we’re saying this but today is the one year anniversary of Our Fashion Plate blog! woohoooo… time flew by so fast and so did more outfits we’ve featured. Either way this year has taught us so much about who we are what we want to be and the best experiences and friendships someone could ask for.

But wait!!!!!How we came up with this BLOG??? and why we BLOG??? These questions are the query that is running out of our head these fast few days. And so looking back, both of us became so much interested in browsing featured outfits in the famous fashion website which is Lookbook.com we got inspired and we both realized that we are in love with the clothes…hahaha!!! We are literally guilty that we both love to buy Ukay-Ukay clothes (cheap and unique!!! Isn’t it???) hahaha… We started having OurFashionPlate facebook page wherein we shared our everyday outfits! #OOTD. Then as time goes on and we’re really into fashion things we’ve decided to start making a blog. We got inspired by many bloggers like Laureen Uy of BreakMyStyle and Kryz Uy of Thirstythought.

At first our blog is just really for fun. However, we got into it and seriously put our efforts and dedication. We are happy that we made this blog because one thing that we realized is this serves us the tie that binds our friendship into a deep level. It taught us the most of all that being ourselves is the best thing that we can be as a person. We had the most amazing friendship because of it! We laugh with our own jokes, listen and put up with our ridiculous and somehow brilliant ideas, spoil each other’s interest, and most especially we got each other’s back with every problems that we encountered in life. As we blog we also find ourselves^^












It has been an amazing journey and we look forward to what this coming year will bring! Cheers! Thank you for dropping by guys 🙂




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