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Lovin’ Life @ 24- Ces!


Looking forward to what is going to happen after our fulfilling years is really noticeable to us especially the girls. I can say that girls are more on planning some goals in life that could be with someone else. Most of all our love ones, like our family, friends and most of all the closest to our hearts; that what’s they called “Relationship goals”.

On my own diary, I can say that all of my notes are not enough to all the things that I wanted to happen. However, I will surely even some of my bucket list will make it happen this year 2016.

I want to travel more together with my love ones. I wanted to explore all the things that could make me proud of to myself. My goal to travel somewhere started this year so I’m more into it nowadays. In 2016 I’d like to spend more of my weekend exploring new cities and enjoying new cultures. Next target are the places that are not that famous since Jm and I are blogging and includes travel to out blog, so I think this might be possible.

I will surely be more social by next year. I will be more focus in our blog, because that’s one of the things that make me happy.

I am yearning for more pictures and smiles for the blog. Since I really wanted to be consistent nowadays starting next year, I will yearn for a very nice camera so I could easily capture some of the unforgettable moments.

Falling in love and trying to make it forever. I am not yet sure of this but I really want it to achieve this maybe this year. Love, love, love…. .

So far the last one will be SAVE, SAVE and SAVE. I want to save money that could make my life more comfortable in the future. Also, saving me to the right person that is destined to be with me for my own future.

Honestly speaking, most of the things that we wanted to be based on our plans are our choice. But then, at some point it’s the person who planned is the one who’s responsible enough to the things that we wanted to be and what we wanted to achieve. Happy Birthday to me and I hope you like my blog 😉









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