Travel Diary

Hello, San Juanico!


Last March 25, 2016 we visited the longest bridge in the country that offers a picturesque view.  The San Juanico Bridge connecting the provinces of Samar and Leyte is one of the monumental projects under Former President Ferdinand Marcos’ administration. It is known to be the longest bridge in the Philippines spanning a body of seawater with the length of 2.162 kilometers (1.34 mi) and width of 10.620 meters supported by 43 spans.

Since its completion in December 1972, the bridge has greatly helped the economy not only of both provinces connected but of the entire country. (

We had a chance to take picture on this amazing bridge wherein in reality it is really a “buwis buhay” photo shoot because of the vehicles like bus and big trucks passed by. To complete our first Leyte getaway blog post we did a little research about some interesting facts about SAN JUANICO BRIDGE!!!

  1. It was once called the “Bridges of Love”.
  2. It is still considered as the longest bridge in the Philippines.
  3. It looks like a dragon because of its long structure.
  4. It connects two places which is Leyte and Samar.
  5. It has a picturesque view that is indeed an instagram worthy.















We hope you love our pictures and make sure to set your foot on this bridge as you go to Tacloban Leyte. Happy Day Everyone!


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