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Dreaming and Counting @ 25- Jm



Turning 25 feels like you are on half of your life I mean you will feel that you are a quarter of a century old (hahaha!). I still can’t believe I’m celebrating my 25th year of existence and honestly thinking of so many random things now (looking back on my past years and looking forward for the coming years in my life). Honestly, a lot of words I want to say but I don’t know where and how to start. Hahaha!




I went to church today and attended the mass. In silence with my Nanay in my heart, many things randomly running on my mind. First and foremost, I want to share things I learned from life. I’ve been through a lot of problems and challenges in life to the point that I always fight worries and pains inside the battle ring of life and tears became my daily dose kind of thing everyday. But, despite of all I learned how to see the brighter side of every situations and looking forward that everything will be fine. I also honestly don’t forget to pray everyday and always talk to God why me and why those things happen. God never fails me to have an answer.

Another year had past and I discovered things about myself- things that became my source of hope and happiness in the middle of uneasiness. I started to share and blog about my little knowledge in fashion. I realized that I am super inlove with clothes and do styling. I also learning to appreciate things around me by going on some travels and look for something to try like new foods ( yeah its foooddsss! hahaha) and these things with Ces my bestie slassssshhh partner in crime ( doing funny things), fashion partner, housemate, workmate, soul sister, bestfriend and partner in life (maybe forever! whahaha). She became my shoulder to cry on eventhough she hates me crying because she don’t want me to do that. She became one of my source of happiness also (she knows it so she will not be flattered hahaha again!)

Oopss! I talked a lot now hahaha…and to end this I want to say thank you to God for all the challenges that became my eye opener for his purpose to me. I also want to say thank you for all the people who didn’t get tired of loving me despite of my imperfections (my long and lasting friends, new friends and future friends hahaha). Lastly, I dedicated this to my family who always be my first love we are not complete physically but we are always bind with God’s unending love. Ti’ll next year and counting guys thank you for giving time to read this simple blog for myself. Whoo!!! I am 25 now and let’s celebrate and be motivated always. Love you all^^



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