Travel Diary

First Flight Together!


On this blog we want to share our first flight experience together and how we minimize our belongings for a 3 day trip. This trip was last March 2016 when we went to Tacloban City with Ces’s whole family for their Reunion. Aside from Papa P  (Ces’s father hehehe!!!)  who is very excited to see his siblings in their hometown , I also feel the same way,  cause it is my first time to ride a plane. To prove it, we are 3-5 hours early than the check in time stated on our tickets (yeees! Seriously! Hahahaa) . After waited for a very long hour our flight was delayed. So, instead of  “AIRPLANE MODE” we are BEAST MODE hahaha^^

And like what we said, we are super excited for this trip so we are overwhelmed for what clothes to bring. Of course, our OOTD’s are on the top list…hahaha! So, we want to share how we packed our multiple OOTD’s for this 3 days trip. We hope you get something from it.

  1. Plan for the clothes that you want to bring. – get everything that you want to wear first, then use the power of “Choose and then select.”
  2. Pack as lightly as you can. – consider one pair of shoes that will go with all your different outfits and also bring few basic essentials.
  3. Know of how liquids must be packed.-better to use little bottles for your toiletries like (body wash, shampoo and etc.) for your body rituals to save space on your luggage.
  4. Roll your clothes instead of folding it.-we promise that this is really a win win IDEA!!!
  5. Place plus your outfit.-have an advance googling on the place that you will visit to maximize and match your #OOTD’s.











Packing lightly is just little bit of forethought and setting up, but ladies, it is quite possible! We hope you like our simple travel tips. We love to share a lot more on our next blogs. Thank you for reading.



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