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Posh Halloween!

You do have a CLASSY black dress? Well, you’re definitely “boo” this Halloween… On this blog, we just want to share how we plan our Halloween outfit not too scary but in a Classy Way. Since last month we were planning for the Halloween theme both in our own Team. We wanted to be as… Continue reading Posh Halloween!

Food Diary

A Taste of Happiness: Hobing Korean Dessert Café

Hello Hobing!  We finally found you…hahaha!  And YEees! We love to share to you guys how yummy and flavorsome their BINGSU is.  Ooopps what is Bingsu?? Bingsu is known as a well-liked Korean dessert.  It is composed mainly of ice shavings topped with mixed or various fruits, beans, cookies and nuts trickled with milk. Last… Continue reading A Taste of Happiness: Hobing Korean Dessert Café

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Perks of Traveling with your BesFie!

  Exploring every corner of the world is everybody’s dream. Many said traveling alone sometimes will be the key to know yourself better.  But, ooppss!!! Not for us now (hahaha!!) On this blog we are sharing some plus side (Perks! Perks! Perks!)  of traveling with your bestfriend slash BESFIE!!  Let’s get it on… Each others… Continue reading Perks of Traveling with your BesFie!

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What We Wear at Work│ ARTWORK

Hi everyone!! We are happy to share to you our second #OurFashionPlateOutfitReview and yeeeeey!!! We will share to you how to liven up your work clothes because we believe that what we wear matters on your personality. Playing dress up has a big part in our life…. (ooopsss) BIG PART of our TIME everyday hahaha!!… Continue reading What We Wear at Work│ ARTWORK