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What We Wear at Work│ ARTWORK


Hi everyone!! We are happy to share to you our second #OurFashionPlateOutfitReview and yeeeeey!!! We will share to you how to liven up your work clothes because we believe that what we wear matters on your personality.

Playing dress up has a big part in our life…. (ooopsss) BIG PART of our TIME everyday hahaha!! It’s normal for us to have this moment- staring at the piles….PILES of clothes thinking “Great! We’ve got nothing to wear today.”  Well it’s a pretty normal thing for us girls… (Right?)  Please say YES!! Hahahah

Ces loves to have her own theme or should I say specific shades of colors for her outfit in a week. She can wear straight black from Monday to Friday (seriously!!) hehehe. Hmmm and I (Hello guys I’m Jm hahaha) usually no idea what to wear. It depends on my mood on what I will wear but sometimes it depends on what Ces wants me to try on (that’ssss mee!! hehehe).

Good thing that ArtWork PH has created not boring tops; bits and pieces for everyone who has an ARTSY SOUL like us! We bought these tank tops with a girl face printed on it with its SALE price (yeah yeah!). The design is really distinctive and cool. It is also very comfy to wear and you can match up with skirts, jeans, and shorts. (..And we choose to pair it with our working skirts.) Another thing that you must have is their only one of its kind “tote so” bag. It has also a unique design that inspired by our very own superheroes to match on your ARTSY outfit.












The era of wearing boring clothes at work is over! Don’t be afraid to have your style be notice. Remember also that we are encircled by millions of choices that would make our everyday looks fun and not boring.

So ladies out there, what will you wear tomorrow then? Thank you for reading. Ti’ll our next outfit post.




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