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Perks of Traveling with your BesFie!



Exploring every corner of the world is everybody’s dream. Many said traveling alone sometimes will be the key to know yourself better.  But, ooppss!!! Not for us now (hahaha!!) On this blog we are sharing some plus side (Perks! Perks! Perks!)  of traveling with your bestfriend slash BESFIE!!  Let’s get it on…

  1. Each others photographer- definitely YES! Your entire plan for your #POSING101 for your OOTD’s will be possible.
  2. Shared wardrobes- mix and match of each other OOTD’s. (I will wear it today…then she will wear it tomorrow. Magic!)
  3. Deepening friendship- going to the 10th power. Hahaha!
  4. You discover something new about each other- you will know more of each others craziness and CRAZINESS! Hahaha!
  5. You push each other to do new things– for the sake of the blog. Hahaha!! Of course to learn more.
  6. You make new memories– yeeeesSS! memories that you will treasure for the rest of your lives.
  7. You have someone to dine with- crazy over FOOOOOOOODSSSSSS!!
  8. You find out what it’s like if you lived together – No BOYS allowed so far! hahaha
  9. You plan your future escapades together- more and more!!
  10. You constantly reminisce about the trip afterwards- in HAPPY Emoji mode!

Source of Idea: http://identity-mag.com/perks-traveling-best-friend/



Me and Ces make sure that in our trip we always bring “Twinny Things” like this Leather Extra backpack and sling bag. It has a lot of compartment to put your on the go stuffs. The design is very distinct that truly match with your TRAVEL mode!










For all you BFF’s/ Besties/ Besfies/ Bess out there, if you’ve take a trip together already, then plan for more and enjoy every moment that both of you will shared.

Thank You for reading^^



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