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A Taste of Happiness: Hobing Korean Dessert Café


Hello Hobing!  We finally found you…hahaha!  And YEees! We love to share to you guys how yummy and flavorsome their BINGSU is.  Ooopps what is Bingsu?? Bingsu is known as a well-liked Korean dessert.  It is composed mainly of ice shavings topped with mixed or various fruits, beans, cookies and nuts trickled with milk.

Last weekend we did a lot of errands for the preparation of our upcoming Halloween event. We are really tired roaming around Divisoria to find bits and pieces for our costumes and decorations. So, we decided to find a place to eat that will satisfy our craving for something new to our mouth. Good thing that BookyPH is very easy to access to locate and to look for a café/ restaurant near on your locations. We visited HOBING (Korean desert restaurant), one of their stores located at Lucky Chinatown Binondo, Manila. We ended up like….well enjoy the pictures guys and look what we tried ^^ hahaha!








They have a huggy BEAR!!!




Strawberry Bingsu – Php 215.00 (R) and Php 330.00 (L)

Flimsily shaved ice is topped with sliced of strawberries and whipped cream drizzled with milk. The sweetness complemented the slight sourness of the strawberries.

Mango Cheese Bingsu – Php 195.00 (R) and Php 310.00 (L)

Still a finely shaved ice, topped with cream ice cream and their cheesecake chunks and mangoes. The cheesecake is pretty good and has thumbs up taste!

Mango Bingsu (sorry we forgot the exact price^^)

It has a distinct taste of mango that everyone is looking for. Definitely must try first!

Tteok-bokki (Stir spicy rice cake)- Php 220

The spiciness is a win win win! It will balance on the sweetness kiss of Bingsu.






As what Hobing says,on how to enjoy their BINGSU “When you are having a snow ice. Try not to mix ice and topping. It will be more delicious.”


So guys, if you like this blog and interested to try HobingSUU for your dessert cravings, you may follow them on their instagram account @hobingkoreandessertcafe as well as their Facebook page Hobing Korean Dessert Café. Thank You for reading^^



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