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Posh Halloween!


You do have a CLASSY black dress? Well, you’re definitely “boo” this Halloween… On this blog, we just want to share how we plan our Halloween outfit not too scary but in a Classy Way.

Since last month we were planning for the Halloween theme both in our own Team. We wanted to be as different as they are because scary looks are the usual thing. We wanted to be the most beautiful among the scariest theme of the other teams. Indeed, we came up with the classy one.

My team think of an idea like a masquerade theme but not too colorful. We wanted to focus on the tasteful color “black”. Then, suddenly JM’s idea wanted to be aligned with the black masquerade theme because of the blog. (hahaha for the sake of the twinny outfit). So she came up with the icon in elegance “Audrey Hepburn” inspired of costume with her team’s theme.

The highlight of this captured moment is the floral background using the pieces of paper. We adopted the idea of the last year’s Ebloggers Ball!











So, for those who are tired of being scary, bloody and disgusting every Halloween “too classy look” will also a win win outfit idea. We hope you like it and comment below for the next outfit ideas. Thank You for reading 🙂



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