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Christmas “Pajama” Party!


We all know that Christmas is considered as the most wonderful time of the year. Last Christmas 2016 we had our first Christmas party with the Beks (our friends). We decided to have a “Pajama” themed party since we all longing for a long time of sleep because of our strange way of work (early risers and at the same time night owlers) hahahaha! We also celebrated Miley’s 26th birthday the reason why we all wearing pink because Hello Kitty is her much loved character.

The party was a blast as usual all our craziness is there. We prepared each other’s gifts, yummy food, and just the funniest bunch of craziness together for the holiday.  We are so grateful that we have these awesome friends! We are so lucky! They are hilarious, cool, and they all know how to EAT big hahahaha!!!!

For this blog also we want to share some tips on how to plan for a “Pajama Party” with your friends. We hope that it will help you a lot:

  1. Set the locations– Good thing that nowadays there are “Condo Units for Rent” which is cheaper than looking for a hotel especially if you are a bunch. (Try to search reliable sites for renting condos.)
  1. Working Out the Details– Plan for the party theme first so the other details will goes with it like:
  • Pajama’s to bring
  • Other OOTD’s
  • Foods…Foods…Foods (We advise you to have a delivery food so that it will not consume much of your time in cooking.)
  • Materials for room decorations (this is to add glee and style on your rented/own room!)

















It was a lot of fun and we can’t wait to do it again this year 2017!!! We hope you guys are excited also to plan yours …CHEERS!!!^^




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