Special Blogs

On Adulting- Struggles & Learnings!

Hi dear adult folks out there, how are you doing? How’s life? Are you guys still alive and kicking? HAHAHA… Indeed, that adulting will really hit us and we cannot escape that stage in life.

In this blog, we just want to share struggles and learnings that we’re experiencing while making our way to adulthood.

Walking in adulthood is like you’re crossing the streets and carefully looking in both ways or side of the road but ended up hitting by a plane (a kind of chaotic thought HAHAHA!!!)

Discussing that thought, let us define what it means based on what we are experiencing nowadays. As we grow up we basically hoping and dreaming of reaching our perfect goals in life like having a perfect job, buy our own houses on a certain age that we plan. Travelling to the places that we put in our bucket list and be financially stable.

As we all know this saying “expectation versus reality” we are always reminded with this even in the struggles in life. While carefully crossing the street, expecting that you are safe by following the street lights, we are not aware that we ended up hitting by a plane. How? In a way that we are experiencing a roller coaster kind of job, paying our own bills, applying for loans, getting an insurance and still dreaming of travelling. (Actually we’re dreaming that we are inside the plane and hearing that we’re safely landed in Japan, Korea, Singapore and more. HAHAHA!!!)

Above all, God will bless you to experience both things in life- OUR DREAM and THE REALITY. OUR DREAM that will push us to keep on reaching things that we want in life. THE REALITY that will push us to challenge ourselves more despite of struggling.

We’re an ADULT now and that’s totally OK!


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