Say YES to conflicts!

Exchange of blows, clash of ideas, misunderstanding and arguments are some of the synonymous term of the word conflict that explains only one thing- A state of opposition between persons, ideas, feelings or interests.

Conflict is technically a bad thing that we should avoid to have towards the people around us. However, in reality it is way too common because there are things that will work for you but will not work for others, ideas or thoughts that you will stand for but for others it’s not up to their standard, and interest that you love to do but for others they hate doing it.

Can conflicts be positive? And why is having conflict is somehow important?

We’re friends since our kindergarten days until now and having everyday conflict is always normal for us. HAHAHA!!! A normal day will not end without something to argue for. There are times that one is being too sensitive especially in correcting mistakes right away like pronunciation and grammar which is normal since both of us are English majors LOLs! . Giving clash opinions in a certain thing since we’re working together in one company, and a lot more.

However, as we grow older we just realized that in every conflict there is also a lesson to reflect on. The realization is, engaging in conflicts can have positive outcome. We make an effort to talk about things up and practice to be honest with our own feelings to avoid small issues to become a big deal at the end.

We also learned that because of the conflicts we realized that you’re not always right on what you’re standing for but at the same time you also need to listen to each other’s opinion. We’re friends but we prefer to say directly to our faces those flaws instead then hurt each other’s feelings sometimes. But the most important thing is we forgive and talk about the issues that we misconstrue since learning how to manage a conflict well is a sign of maturity.

Talking about own differences, values and opinions at the end of the day there’s no right and wrong. It’s about how you respect and accept each other’s short comings.


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