Wanting to pull of the sporty chick beach look? Because why not!

We want to share simple tips on how to achive the not too girly beach vibe and yet ready for the GRAM!!

*Finding the right swimsuit for you.- It can be one-piece and two- piece as long as you will be comfortable or ready to take a risk in wearing it. HAHAHA! (FYI these twinny swimsuits are amazingly 70 pesos only!!! Taytay tiangge is the answer).

*Pick two colors that will show up your soft (light colors) and edgy side (dark colors).

*Sunnies will do the rest! Just bring your fave eye bestie (sunglasses) to put more AMP! on your look.

*Don’t really smile and try to pull of your “Default Bitch Face”….kidding!

*Find the perfect beach with the perfect place to put more aesthetic on your photo.

*Lastly, find friends with the same passion in getting your perfect angle despite of the sunburned and all. HAHAHA!

Summer is undoubtedly the best season so don’t let it end without your #BestSummerLook ever!


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