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Our Coffee Thoughts!

“Why do we love coffee even it is so bitter? So life is!”

Coffee’s bitter taste bring forth a downbeat for most of us. Not all love its natural bitterness. But why do we love it?

As we hitting the age of being “Tita” drinking coffee is literally getting our “go to drink/daily dose of spirit” whatever emotion we undergo in our lives.

As one phrase says, “Life happens but coffee helps.” – this is indeed true! Tasting the bitterness of coffee make us appreciate more what coffee really taste like and so life is.

We honestly going through a lot of bitter taste in life that pulls us to loose our motivation in some aspect of our daily routine in life (at work and on the things that we love in doing so).

As we getting more dotty about coffee we’re also learning to deal with all the bitter taste that the universe has to offer because that is what life is. You don’t have to be okay all the time and showing emotions are healthy as long as you will always learn something from different situations.

Take all the bitter taste in life and learn how to put sweetness on it…we all have choices!

Fact: We are currently obsessed in drinking and trying different iced coffee and soon to blog it!


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