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The Art of Acceptance and Letting go!

These photos was taken during our quick visit at the National Museum.

We are indeed mezmerized with the authenticity and a classic vibe of the place though a little of modern touches are incorporated.

We originally planned to shoot for an “ootd post”. However, it turned out good photos to use in our special blog/s tackling some of our random thoughts.

This blog talks about the “Art of Acceptance and Letting Go”.

Going up- symbolizes Acceptance

Going down- symbolizes Letting go

ACCEPTANCE is an important ingredient for you to have a good taste of life. However, it is not a piece of cake for us to achieve right away. Acceptance is base on how heavy or serious a certain situation is. It’s always a trial and error and requires a lot of efforts and time to move up.

LETTING GO – in this sense it’s about releasing all doubts, worries, and fears about a situation, person or outcome. This thing also requires a lot of efforts and time because every reasons behind every fear and pain in our lives will always trick to pull us back.

But if we use these two important ingredients in our lives, there will be an assurance of changes for good!

“Accept the journey, let go and enjoy the walk, and just let it be.”


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